Tips for Today’s Market.

23 03 2009

How do you deal with today’s market? Is a question I get asked almost everyday of the week.  Well, the answer is simple just follow the three simple rules I learned when I was a brand new agent in Real Estate.  These rules have helped me and many other professionals build great business and they will do the same for you (as long as you apply them).


Rule #1. Act as If. This is one of the oldest rules; the economy and the real estate business are not what they used to be, but we are acting as if there is no solution to the problem! Why don’t we begin to ACT AS IF WERE THE MOST SUCCESSFUL AGENTS IN THE WORLD. Will this change anything? Absolutely, it will change our outlook, the way we walk, the way we dress and ultimately the way we perform.

Rule #2. Separate the looker from the buyer. Remember what we learned in real estate school, buyers must be: READY, WILLING and ABLE in order to enter into a real estate transaction. Well, if the buyers you are working with are still waiting for the prices to drop, then they’re not buyers, they are lookers! And right now you can’t afford the luxury to waste valuable time and energy in lookers.

Rule #3. Listings, listings, listings. Remember this is an inventory driven business, if you don’t have any listings then you are losing control of the market. Even in a buyers market the listing is king. To get listings you must allocate at least one hour every day to generate listing leads; even if you feel afraid, remember the best way to conquer fear is by facing it.

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